Special January adoption fee!

Our medical binder for cats whose names begin with S is overflowing. We can’t close the darn thing, and it’s causing much muttering and weeping around the vet tech office.

So, FROM NOW UNTIL THE END OF JANUARY, ALL CATS WHOSE NAMES BEGIN WITH “S” WILL HAVE A SPECIAL ADOPTION FEE OF $25. Help us clean out our medical binder! Before our Vet Tech loses her mind!

Simon, pictured here, is just one of many wonderful cats you can adopt through the end of this month for only $25.  Just six months old, people find his precious face and steady purr irresistible.  He loves playing with other cats and once he tires himself out, enjoys a good cuddle.  His best friend, Sebastian, has been adopted, and Simon would really love a home of his own too, especially if it is well stocked with other cats.  Read more about Simon by clicking here.

Below is just a sampling of other kitties who would love to be adopted this month.